If you own a cinema or theatre, you likely have a Facebook Page.  You may also have a Pinterest account, Twitter account, and other social media networks but there is one concept that applies to them all. What is that?

If no one sees your posts and no one engages with your posts, you’re wasting your time.

Most theatre pages will have one kind of post in common – the “upcoming movies” post.  This is good because people who want to go and see a movie will come to your page to find out what is going to be playing in the future.  But you need to do more than that if you want to increase the number of people who follow you and the number of people that actually see your posts because people become blind to seeing the same types of posts on a regular basis.  You need variety.

So what else can you post to get more people engaged with what you post on social networks if you own a cinema or theatre?


Reviews are pretty easy to write up and they are something that is shared often on social media.  You can post a review on your blog if you have one, on a local community site, or you can post the review right on Facebook or LinkedIn (both have options for posting articles or blog posts).  Start with a synopsis of what the movie is about.  Keep spoilers out of this. No one likes a spoiler.  If at any point you are going to post something that might be considered a spoiler, put a warning first followed by some dots so people have to scroll down in order to read it, like this:







That will give them the option of not reading.

Give the review a star rating (or come up with your own unique rating system).  You can include “tags” like age ratings, action, comedy, romance, spicy romance, sweet romance, rom-com, sci-fi and others to help people find the kinds of movies you want.  If you make them hastags (#romanticcomedy) then they will be clickable and easy for people to find in searches.

Actor profiles

If you have a movie staring a well-loved actor you can write profiles of the actors that are staring in the movies.  Again, you can post these on your blog, a community site, or the social network itself.

Social Media Posts

Check out Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Pages for the profiles of the actors that are in the movies.  You might find some great material to share on your page about the actor’s experience in making the movie.  For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted this video on Instagram when they finished shooting Jumanji.  It would make a great post to remind people to watch for the showing of the movie when it comes to your theatre.


Go Live

On Facebook and Twitter you can “go live” by posting videos of the people coming into the theatre. Or better yet, find someone that is willing to go live after the movie and give a few thoughts about the movie and their opinions on it.

Have a Contest

People love to share contests on social media so have a contest once in awhile to give away free tickets or free concession items next time they come to a movie.

Go Local

You aren’t restricted to only posting about movies on your social media accounts.  Post about things going on locally that people care about. You maybe wish to associated your business with a charity or cause that is local.  People love to see businesses getting involved with things locally because it gives them additional reasons to support you. Post some pictures of yourself or your staff at local events and you will find that people in the community will respond.

There are a lot of things you can do with social media.  However, they do take time. If you don’t have time to put into your social media account, hire an assistant or a manager to help you get better results from your social media activity.  You can contact me my email (danielle.mcgaw@gmail.com) or check out my social media packages if you’re interested in hiring someone.

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