One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses making on social media (beside being consistent) is that they post the same things all the time.  For example, of the restaurants in my area that post semi-regularly on social media, most of them post either plain text posts or just a picture of the specials board for the day.  That gets boring real fast.

Realty people might just post pictures of the house that they have available.  Retail stores might just post new products.  All that is good and there’s nothing specifically wrong with posting those kinds of things but it becomes monotonous.  And when the posts you are sharing become monotonous, people start scrolling by them.  They stop sharing them.  They stop liking them.  And, in the case of Facebook especially but in other social networks, that means that less and less of your posts will even be seen by your audience.

So, how do you fix that?

You need to provide your fans, your subscribers, your followers with some variety.  Just because you are a business page does not mean that you need to be all business.  You can be fun.  You can be interesting.  You can even have opinions on things that are going on in your community.

Here’s some ideas for things you might consider posting to give your social media presence some variety that will keep people interested:

  • Memes – everyone loves memes because they are fun. You can download a meme generator on your phone or find one online
  • Throwback Thursday – use the hashtag #throwbackthursday and post images of the past
  • A cause – get involved in a cause or a charity in your area and share updates of what is going on; maybe even sponsor a fundraiser
  • A sport – people love local sports
  • Local talent – share videos of local performers doing what they do best

Think outside the box.  What does your audience like to see?

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